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Omg I got the chronic kidney disease caused by the HIV meds


The first kidney stones happened in 2012, then it happened again on the other kidney around the same year, I was on Truvada Norvir and Reyataz for 12 years,  I never missed a dose.
 Then it happened again last month on September 16th 2020,
I have found that Hell on earth does exist in the surgical recovery rooms, I have heard the terrifying screams of young men and old alike in pain for hours and hours, I have not found a way to release the screams out of my mind, I have  seen angels that give comfort to the suffering, I dont know how they can handle so much suffering, one has to be a very passionate person to be around all that pain every day and night,   I have also seen the Miracles giving as a gift to the physicians that heal the wounds, I have seen Heaven on earth.     


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