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Blips on Odefsey

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Just to update you guys, I had additional blood work, and still detectable (159vl)

Doctor said the vl is too low to do any sort of resistance testing, but based on my history of not being resistant to anything, she switched me to Biktarvy.  Going for labs in about 3 weeks...  Wish me luck.  :)

Rilpivirine need an acid environment.  That is compromised if you are taking calcium supplements at the same time (plus or minus 4 hours), or Proton Pump Inhibitors like omeprazole, or H2 inhibitors like Pepcid.   Tums and Rolaids are Calcuim.

Also I had a few blips on my complera but realized that it might be because I always take it in the morning. When I got my blood tests.  I fasted so hadnt taken it those mornings, and instead takeing it at lunchtime.  TTat meant that I hadnt taken a dose for over 36 or 27 hours (because of the food requirement). So I started taking it on those days with a meal at midnight to 2am.   Then labwork at in morning. 

No blips past year.

Thanks, expat.  In my case, I am really thinking it is a lab issue.  ( I know, not likely, but I requested a VL test from Labcorp instead of their in-house lab and it was undetectable. )  So - detectable for almost a year using in house lab - even detectable 4 weeks after Biktarvy.  First lab test using Labcorp, and back to undetectable.  Not sure what to make of it, but happy with the result and plan to stick with Labcorp for a while...


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