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I was wondering how the long term Survivors are doing with the virus?


I personally don't know anyone HIV positive, that is also dealing with Covid-19, at this time.  I hope it stays that way.

Stay well ---Ray

I have known four people with HIV, but only on of whom is an LTS, who contracted COVID-19.

One said it was a thoroughly unpleasant several weeks, and unlike anything he has experienced in the past.

Three others were hospitalized, two of them wound up on ventilators.
All survived, but all three had to undergo dialysis while in the hospital.

From what they have told me, it is something I really don't want to experience for myself.



Can,t help feeling the following is a synopsis for a bleak comedy.
Due to the cocktail of low blood pressure and osteoporosis I broke the knee and upper led at the end of feb just as Covid was ramping up ,we later learnt that nursing homes and hospitals Where hotspots for Covid.
            So off with a full leg cast off I go to a nursing home ,where I developed all the symptoms of Covid,rushed  off back to hospital , phenomena not Covid. However when it came to leaving nursing home need a Covid test to be allowed back and bingo I know have Covid and a bloody awful two weeks followed. Within 3 days I,d lost control of body functions,and started shedding weight had a cough but thankfully the docs drugged it away from my chest. It was very trippy and serious though compared to others not as damaging as it could of been as it did not ,for whatever reason take hold in my chest.
   I,m still recovering ,and am not looking forward to Winter, as the info re having effective immune response., and my fucking government pissed on the countries trust .
Anyway way too much written open to ? Questions.

Meant to say I recognise every thing aztecan said.


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