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Missed 5 Doses - AND FREAKING OUT

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--- Quote from: Tim Horn on June 06, 2006, 09:31:24 am ---Oh... and one other thing... do your Norvir capsules really need to be refrigerated?  If they're used within two months of picking them up from your pharmacist (and kept below 77-degrees fahrenheit), there's no need for them to be kept in the fridge.  This, I'm sure, will make them much less likely to be forgotten. 

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just my 2 cents - if the original poster is in New York City, (my assumption based on the handle) which has oppressively humid & hot summers, then i'd say yes, they shouldn't take any risk of Norvir not being in the refrigerator after the coolness of spring. when i found out about the under 77 thing i was like ha, all this time i was stressing about keeping Norvir chilled for nothing. the pharmacist lady told me it's best kept in the refrigerator (which is true)


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