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High-Octane Fuel For Your Cells!!


Hello again everyone, as some of you might already know I am an avid supporter of using micronutrients in the correct combinations and dosages to enhance the quality of life for some long timers with an aids diagnosis. The micronutrient setup that I use looks very similar to the product in the following link but can be a bit more extensive covering more of the total micronutrient spectrum depending on what my needs are for the moment. I am in know way trying to endorse this product but simply feel this product is clearly the most fully balanced as well as contains the correct combinations of micronutrients that might be needed for some of us to elicit a significant overall response throughout many of the bodies different systems. Again check with a nutritionist or a doctor who actually has enough training in micronutrients before you consider any of these type products because a product like this that is incorrectly balanced, especially specially in the dosages, can actually do more harm than good if taken over a long period of time. Most insurances will also pay for this product as well.


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