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Vit D3+Vit K and BMD


Hi everyone,

I am Nick, new to the forum :)
I have been living with HIV since 2013. Lucky enough to discover that pretty soon after infection.
A couple of years ago I read that PLWH are generally deficient in Vit D (which might be the reason for systemic problems with depression, low BMD, etc). I got tested and indeed my levels were insufficient.
Ever since I supplement my diet with Vit D 5000IU and Vit K 120mcg/d. Indeed, that greatly improved moods and energy levels.

Does anyone take Vit D+Vit K supplements and if yes, what are your daily intakes?


CD4 1148/VL <20

Jim Allen:
Over a billion people worldwide are vitamin D deficient or insufficient

Increased Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency Among HIV-Infected Individuals: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Jim Allen:
I added some references as this was missing from your post.

Ideally monitoring this should be part of standard HIV care. Is your HIV care provider monitoring the levels with you or are you doing this separately? Anyhow, hopefully your levels will settle and a lower maintenance dose will be sufficient long-term.

Glad you are feeling better. Best, Jim


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