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Official/Unofficial Meetup?


Hi all,

I thought I would startup a new thread about seeing the interest in doing an Official/Unofficial in-person meetup maybe this summer.  Anyone have any interest in this? 

I know I got involved in this forum after the last AMG but thought I'd put the thought out about it or maybe have it called something else.  I sure appreciate the virtual meet-up and never realized how much I needed that.  Also shows how where I live isn't best for me mentally as I need more contact. 

Anyone have any ideas on where they would want to meet up even if it was just a small group of us.  I am looking at doing a trip to LA and the Boston area this summer but open to other areas if you have a better recommendation. 

Just thought I'd put this out their and look forward to seeing your thoughts. 


I am def down to meetup. Boston is great since I live here, but anywhere else would be fun as well!

- Alan

Jim Allen:

I'm new to the group.  Chicago area but I'm interested.
Diagnosed a year ago. Met a really wonderful guy.. things were moving in "that" direction. Told him my status before we became intimate and it scared him away.  I'm super bummed out so I'd really like to meet other people like myself.

Jim Allen:

Welcome to the forums. As you are new here, could you please post an introduction thread either in the  "Living with HIV forum" to let us know a bit more about you, such as recent VL & CD4 counts, how you are doing, how the treatment is going, etc.

It is standard for new forum members to introduce themselves. Thanks


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