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Hi, I just thought I would like to share  my personal experience with the use of probiotics. Although I tend to use most of the entire spectrum of available nutaceuticals available in the public market,
I find that the use of of a pill based pobiotic to be probably the most essential  nutaceutical and at the same time the most challenging nutaceutical because the optimum dose of a probiotic is highly specific to each person's unique metabolic profile and chemistry. It usually takes a week or 2 for most people with a chronic medical condition to find what that optimum dosage level is. For most healthy adults they are able to get an adequate amount of probiotic just through a regular diet that also contains yogurt. For example I have found that my system requires about  60 Billion Organisms a day. The recommended dietary amount for organisms is 1 to 10 billion organisms or colony forming units per day as it is referred to on most yogurt labels. I have found that using 10 billion organisms a day to offer absolutely zero benefits for me. To try to reach 60 Billion organisms a day through the use of yogurt would require in the ball park range of 10 to 20 servings of yogurt a day, which for me is unfathomable. For anyone considering the use of a a nutriceutical based probiotic please make sure that you refer to a doctor to see if he recommends that you use this in nutriceutical form.


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