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Monthly virtual gathering - 2023

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Jim Allen:
Starting a new thread for 2023,  the next virtual meeting will be on Saturday, 14th Jan 2023

07:00 PST
08:00 MST
09:00 CST
10:00 EST
15:00 Ireland
16:00 CET
20:30 IST
02:00 ACT (Australia, Sunday, 15th Jan)

Jim Allen:
Looking forward to seeing everyone again. If you have not already signed up for the monthly meetings and want to, then let me know here or send me a PM, and ill add you to the list.

Sounds great and I will plan to attend. Thank you for organizing this Jim!

Sounds good.  I'll put it on my calendar.

Jim Allen:
Looking forward to it.

I was going to send out the calendar invite today for Saturday's meeting but spending the day in A&E (ER) with Caelan, so I'll send out the invite tomorrow instead.


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