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Forum members virtual gathering - Friday 15th & Saturday the 16th of July

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Jim Allen:
As many of us still can't travel or opt not to travel, would there be an interest in setting up some virtual gatherings over the summer?

Suggestions are welcome.

I thought I could set up two meetings to better suit the different regions we come from. The frequency prehaps every two weeks or monthly, starting Friday the 15th of July or Saturday the 16th of July prehaps?

PM me if you are shy about replying to the thread.

Thanks I'm along term guy looking for networking out of isolation. Doesn't have to be a big group just people to talk to.

Jim Allen:
Thinking the below times but open to feedback:

Session 1, Friday 15th of July, at 7 pm PDT:

19:00 PDT
20:00 MDT   
21:00 CDT   
22:00 EDT   
04:00 CEST (Saturday, 16 July 2022)
07:30 IST (Saturday, 16 July 2022)
12:00 AEST (Saturday, 16 July 2022)

Session 2, Saturday 16th of July, at 7 am PDT:

07:00 PDT
08:00 MDT   
09:00 CDT   
10:00 EDT   
16:00 CEST
19:30 IST
00:00 AEST

As a note, this would be in no way connected to  Ill setup the meeting either in Google meet or Zoom and if you don't want to be identified in the meeting don't share your details or video.

I am game.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: Bucklandbury on July 03, 2022, 05:39:42 pm ---I am game.

--- End quote ---

Cool. Had a few people show interest already.

I will send the link a few days before the meetings to those who have expressed interest within the thread or those who have sent me PMs.


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