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I am a 32 year old brazilian.
This is my situation. I encountered with a girl for my first time. I had protected vaginal sex with the girl, but the condom slipped off inside. Did it slip all the way off.
I perceived in the hour (i believe) and I placed a new condom.
I have an hiv test in June and came back negative.
Which my risks?   I need to test?

Thank you very much,


Andy Velez:
Hi Fabio.

You didn't mention when this encounter happened when the condom slipped off. Was this after you had your HIV test in June?

I'm going to assume that it happened after your HIV test. If I am correct about that, then this is how I see the situation. The condom will have protected you until it slipped off. If it came off completely during intercourse before you replaced it then getting tested is a prudent thing to do. That should be done at 13 weeks past the most recent incident.

Now, let me also say that HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It is significantly more difficult to transmit from female to male. Given this was a single incident in which you would have been covered for a part of the time, even IF the woman you were with is HIV+, the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor against transmission having occured. Given what you have described I certainly would  expect you to test negative.

If you have tested since the incident (13 weeks after) then you are reliably HIV negative and there is nothing further to be concerned about. 

It's very good to read that you are being careful and using condoms. That's the perfect way to protect your health. Make sure the ones you are using fit you properly.

If I am missing something here just let me know.


Thanks for the reply.

This happened after my HIV test.
I perceived immediately. They had been few seconds without protection.
It can be that it did not have contact .  But it does not give to be certain.
Thank you all


Dear Friends,

I was having sexual intercourse with a girl (scort girl) I met a couple of nights ago. I do not know anything about her.
I was using a condom during intercourse when it broke.
I perceived quickly (less than 1 minute).

Which my risks? It is necessary to test?

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fabio, eventhough you withdrew quickly, it would probably be best that you test. Broken condoms do happen. It's not that I think you will test positive, I don't, but it's always good to know your status. You might want to have an STD panel done also. Wait your 12/13 weeks post possible exposure to be tested and continue to use condoms. Use plenty of waterbased lube too. Keep us posted.


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