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Title: HIV Discrimination Lawsuits Filed Against Two Ob/Gyns (USA)
Post by: Jim Allen on April 22, 2021, 11:14:49 am


In two separate California discrimination lawsuits, doctors allegedly refused Pap smears on clients who have HIV.

Both complaints were filed in the Eastern District of California but are unrelated and involve different doctors. One case alleges that Chibuike Anucha, MD, PC, refused to perform a Pap smear on a patient living with HIV who required the Pap smear as part of a consultation for uterine fibroids. Anucha viewed the client as a high-risk patient because of her HIV status, but the lawsuit alleges that Pap smears are routine procedures and a personís HIV status doesnít elevate it to a high-risk requiring a referral to a specialist. You can view the full complaint against Anucha here. https://www.ada.gov/anucha_comp.html

The second lawsuit also involves a Pap smear. The case alleges that Umaima Jamaluddin, MD, upon learning of a clientís HIV status, did not allow her to make an appointment for routine preventive care, including a Pap smear. You can read the full complaint against Jamaluddin here.