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A pill once a week or twice ????


Hello everyone so Im dating a guy who is hiv positive like myself but he takes his pill three times a week or just two times. When he told me this I worried a little, his doctor told him that Itís okay since he has been undetectable for several years. Im thinking wtf.
I think about skipping my pills a day and it gives me anxiety lol.

What do you think about this? Is it healthy? He says he ďbelievesĒ in the healthy benefits of weed LOL... he is on a 3 drug pill so Itís a one pill regimen. ???

Jim Allen:
I think he is on the slow path for his HIV becoming resistant to some if not multiple meds he is on. How long it will depend also on the drugs taken, but he is on that path.

Can I do something about it? Maybe I will talk to him about this but I donít know, this is so weird.

Jim Allen:
In my experience not really, in reality, sounds like he deep down knows all of this and is just poorly justifying a bad choice. End of the day his choices are his, just look after yourself.

Jim, of course, is absolutely correct and your friend is being enabled, presuming he is honest with you in saying that his doctor approves, by a rogue healthcare provider.

You could, I suppose, encourage your friend to check with another doctor.

It's important to understand, however, that drugs are approved to have the desired effects if they are administered as PRESCRIBED, which means the amount and frequency of dosage.


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