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Thank you for the replies.  Rob told me that he wants to come visit me, but that I had to see a physician first to determine if what I have is contagious.  I am going in the morning.  I really want to see him.  The flight from LA to Oakland is about 45 minutes.  I think that he wants to get away, and Berkeley and SF and nice places to visit. There are a lot of good eateries close to my apartment and the city is a lot calmer now that the Berkeley students are away on Xmas break.

I am trying not to constantly ask him how he is feeling.  I know that if he isn't feeling well, he will share that with me. I really haven't changed the way I treat him.  However, I think we are both communicating better.  Little petty bullshit has pretty much evaporated.  When serious issues arise we become aware of how trivial so much of the other stuff is.  He has been very supportive of me thoroughout the years.  Whenever the shitstorms come, he is always there with an umbrella. I am doing everything I can to be supportive as well without being smothering.

Thanks again for the advice and support. 

Bronchitis is generally contagious as it is usually caused by bacterial or viral infection.

See here, then scroll down to Prognosis.

Take care.

Hey everyone,

Went to the doctor (SF General Urgent Care).  It turns out that my asthma is flaring up.  He put me on a nebulizer (sp ?) and said I should be okay.  Asked about the situation with Rob and he stated that he didn't think I posed a health risk.  I stopped using my inhaler a few years ago and need to start it up again.

Rob came up yesterday.  He went to the local Stop Aids SF office and they were really kind and helpful. I will let him give you the details.  He hates when I tell his story for him :).


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