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Were can I get HIV medications at a reasonable price

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Lost my Ryan White drug help with Biktarvy. The cost is $ 3200 per month.
Any help finding a drug to replace this Drug would be helpful
If not will have to go with out medication next year

how did you lose RW? Earn too much? because when your earnings drop back you can re-apply - although there may be a 3-6 month delay

If you're having to pay out of pocket now, check with the medication website for patient assistance to help with the cost and/or copays.

have you spoken with a RW rep about your situation or someone at your clinic? Many healthcare providers have funding and/or other avenues to help patients stay on their medications.

I according to them make just over the income limit and was denied Ryan White funding

Lost my Ryan White funding need to find a source to get medication that is not $3200 a month like my Biktarvy is


       ojo.       I wonder why bictarvy cost 3200 in the USA while in Mexico, According to a friend of mine, it cost $650...mmm.       

Hoping you can find help.         ojo


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