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Long-term Travel and coverage/meds


My apologies if this topic has been covered.  Did a search and only found threads prior to 2007.

I recently retired, and want to do some long term international travel, lasting for around a year.  I currently have Kaiser as my insurance - they don't have an international program and coverage is available only to those living in the covered area (Washington, DC for me). 

I am able to choose another provider during open season and am looking at  blue cross, which does have an international program -

I like Kaiser and hate changing IDs but I don't see how I make it work otherwise.

Two questions/issues -

Will I be able to fill my prescription overseas?  I'm currently on Odefsey. Any areas/countries where this won't be possible?  I'll be traveling mainly in Asia (including India), some in the Middle East and Europe.

The blue cross program I'm looking at also suggests that Caremark might be able to provide me with a year's amount of my prescription.  Would there be any issues traveling with that amount of a drug?

Any advice, comments, stories would be most appreciated.  Thank you.


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