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keep getting calls from them and they keep leaving messages to make sure I am aware of copay assistance.  They seemed to be hired by the company i work for.   the letter sent did not provide any info on  what happens with my deductible but based on what I found online  for other providers looks like they are then removing deductible amount again so u have to pay full deductible.  anyone have experience with this group? 

just to clarify currently when i pay for meds it is included in the deductible. this program appears that they track how much money you get back from copay assistance and revert back your deductible so u have to pay it.

wanted to provide feedback on this one.  Apperently program is managed by Pillarx.  They make it sound that they are there to help you but basically all they are trying to do is to ensure that money paid by copay card issued by Viiv or Gilead does not count as your out of pocket deductible.  If you were enjoying this perk so far me thinks its coming to an end.  I basically had to give in since i was worried if it would have any implications on my job but wonder if this was OK with HIPA


I'm on an HSA at work so have a high deductible to meet first, but still, a better option than to go with the PPO plan at work. 

This is my first year using a copay card and been having good luck with a twist. 

I am on Triumeq so my program is through Viiv and is a reimbursement and not copay assistance in the way I think of it. Yes, I had to pay $3,035 for my first months fill in 2020, submitted a reimbursement, and got a check about a month later.  I wondered what it would do to my deductible but for insurance purposes, the deductible wasn't changed.     I thought I might as well try and it works. 

Now it is kinda annoying trying to submit the claims every month just to get $35 back but the most I'm out is a little time and a stamp when I mail in the request. 

Many insurances nowadays won't allow you to use the co-pay card as a primary payment but seems like for now the reimbursement thing works well. 

Now I do want to disclose now that I work in HR, benefits management so what you talked about you think "work" emailed the document to you.  Many insurance carries today will contact you to help make sure your care is being cared for correctly.  They don't let the employers know who they contacted or why as that is a HIPPA violation.  I've never heard them contact someone with a copay card so my assumption is they didn't send it to you.  But for me, when I look for assistance I do it on my own and not through a flyer I get in the mail.

If you have to pay for the Rx with an HSA account then it wouldn't hurt to try and get a little assistance for it.  The worst that could happen is your deductible may be adjusted but you would have got paid for the difference so you are net zero. 

I still can't believe the cost of Rx's these days and will continue looking for help on the costs. 

Wishing you the best,

HI Kenneth

Thanks for chiming in. So in my case up until now i would pay for meds myself and get reimbursed via sending receipts like you have.  Since i was paying out of pocket the money i paid was going towards my out of pocket deductible so after 1 prescription I would already be passed 1500 before insurance kicks in.  With this new "assistance"  I have been basically forced to go to pharmacy that accepts co pay cards AND give out my co pay card info (Pillar-x called the new pharmacy and "set it up" for me on my behalf).  so now I dont have to pay anything but i also dont get free perk as before and basically anything co pay card pays, no longer counts anything towards my deductible.  Also the letter came in with my company branding on it so I am assuming it is somehow connected to HR.  Also Pillar-x didnt send me copay card I already had it and  when I asked for assistance with stuff i have not submitted they said they cant help because copay card company refuses to discuss individual copay cards with PIllar-x) so basically I lost nice perk and didnt get any assistance whatsoever and whatever assistance they did with setting up new prescription i could have done myself.  the thing that was troubling they also called my doctor emailed at work and called my previous pharmacy who refused to talk to them. 


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