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Republican SuperAIDS!

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Jim Allen:

Not sure if it's true, could be fake but it made me laugh.

--- Quote ---The SUPER AIDS were aimed at hooking a new generation of young Republicans. The basic gimmick was that six clean-cut young White House aids were accidentally exposed to a chemical that gave them super powers, which they then used to help President Reagan fight injustice around the world.

The action figures hit shelves in August 1982, with an animated television program scheduled to air in November, but things took a turn for the comically unfortunate when the Center for Disease Control finally gave a name to the mysterious and terrible new affliction that had been sweeping the homosexual community: acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS.
--- End quote ---

Omg the Reagan seal of approval has me dying 🤣

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: numbersguy82 on April 18, 2024, 05:08:58 am ---Omg the Reagan seal of approval has me dying 🤣

--- End quote ---

 ;D ;D ;D

while I did find this as a fake product on a mattel creations forum, "aids" not "aides" was a dead give-away. Still it's a hilarious concept.  ;D

Jim Allen:
Boo! 😂

Given the reagan administration's response to AIDS I wanted it to be true..

Was looking forward to collecting all the Super AIDS republican action figures. Had hoped they released a Nancy & Ronald special addition


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