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I want a friend


I have a friend. Who lives in another state. Iíve known her for twenty-seven years. She just reminds me of my mistakes. She even mentions how she does it all without a man. But I know her parents pay for what she needs. She is also HIV negative.
My situation is I am HIV positive. I married an HIV positive man. We both work. I have an HIV negative daughter who is twenty-three.
I guess this friend has said hurtful things to me. Other times sheís encouraging me. One time she reminded me off doing something dumb in high school. I couldnít say anything because I did not want to lie.
Yet she calls me while she is out with her friends. Iíll talk for a bit, but soon I got to get off the phone. My husband wants to spend time with me. Other times my daughter wants to talk to me. Some times I like to listen to music or read.
I guess I feel lonely. Which is strange because I have my family.


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