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Been in a depression for a long time.


I smile, Iím polite, and it rarely is returned to me. I just feel like being HIV positive is something Iíve allowed to hold me back. Iím afraid of what anyone might do or say.
I used to approach people and have conversations. Now I barely speak to people unless I feel I have to. People make me so uncomfortable.
I just started a new job. I quit the last three. I gave excuses.
Now I realize I need to keep my job. I just feel odd having to be around people for hours. So Iím quiet and focus on my work.

Howdy Delilah.....

I haven't seen any posts to your statement...has anyone reached out to you via Direct Messages??

I can tell you when I moved to California and started a new job, I was terrified.  I'd been depresses for newly diagnosed, mother was downhill in health and my family didn't really seem to care I was moving so far away.

If the job is something you like, stick with it.  Let it all happen.  Try to find the joys in the job, the company, the surroundings... anything.

Every little bit of joy helps.  I know the depression seems more but you can get through this.

If you wanna chat about it more... here or DMs, I'm available.  Sometimes slow to respond but I'll try my best.

Bubba hugs,


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