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2021 Forum members virtual gathering ?

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Jim Allen:
Would there be an interest in a virtual gathering?

Jim Allen:
Had 4 votes and 2 PM's so far, ill leave it open for a few more days

Jim Allen:
So between votes and PM's I had 7 yes and 1 no.

I'll have a look tomorrow at what dates would be possible and open them up to a vote. I think once a date and details are set up more people may want to join anyway and if not that is okay.

what happen to the virtual gatherings. i could use one or a virtual retreat any that you know of thanks for the reply.

Jim Allen:
In the end, I didn't set one up. 2021 was a nightmare, did have regular one-to-one zoom meetings.

I can open a tread later today to see if there is interest for 2022, happy to facilitate something during the summer.


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