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I discovered things about me


I filled out a questionnaire about myself and my moods. Boredom was listed as a symptom. I get bored easily.
So I may not have over eating or drinking or promiscuity problems. I am just bored. That is the root of all things.
I thought cheating on my spouse was the answer. But I neve4 took that step. I just thought of all heís done for me.
Like when I had a nose job he was right there telling me he loved my nose as is. Yet he stood beside me as I had it done. Then he took me to the hospital when I twisted my ankle.
Then nooky was so good with him. Iím waiting for him to want too.
His issue is his body doesnít produce enough testosterone. He has to put on a testosterone gel every day.
So I got up this morning to do my household work and run errands. All done by noon.
I donít know what is different about today. Maybe I am in a positive mood. I just hope it lasts longer than just one day.
Prior to today I have been depressed and moody. That is when I think of food, alcohol, and nooky.
For right now I take my Abilify and Triumeq regularly.

When I get bored, I get lost in YouTube and Pinterest.  Which then means a trip to Harbor Freight for tools and Lowe's for supplies.... oh.. and to Costco for fire extinguishers.


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