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How to deal with HIV if doctors don't care?


I found out I was positive in 1992, and the doctor I had at that time was wonderful. I was an elite controller so we decided not to start medication until my numbers started dropping in 2010-2011. Now, due to some other health issues, medication was stopped in early 2018. My doctor moved to another state around that time and I was switched over to another doctor. I've seen this new doctor a few times and I honestly don't like them. They are very dismissive and critical. Because of this, I haven't been to see them since April of 2020 because of exposure to COVID. The reaction I got at that time was basically if I wasn't dropping dead because I couldn't breathe, it was nothing to worry about. Anyway, I've been dealing with very painful lymph nodes for about 4 weeks, been having soaking night sweats and other issues; however, I don't want to go to this doctor.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in Chicago.

Hi, you really need to find a new doctor. You will likely need to breakdown what your needs are into a very short series of questions for the doctor, and donít expect the doc to handle more than 3 issues in one visit. Have you been back on medication? My docs have trained me to be skeptical, you will often need to learn a lot just to train them. Seriously, I kind of view docs as simply drug dispensers anymore these days, good thing Iím relatively healthy. Wish I knew where you could find a good doc.



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