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Be careful of going through old photos/letters/or memorabilia...


So... I'm unemployed and thought I'd work on and look up my family tree.  FUN? Right?  To some point it is... digging up family history.  Trying to figure out what brought a relative to a certain area or town.  Sadly, my extension of the family didn't really "connect" with the others but I'm trying to be better.
I'm reaching out to cousins and sharing photos that my parents and siblings gave to me to scan and do research on.  It gets depressing though when I think about my grand parents (that passed away before I was born) and other relatives that I would have loved to have met.
I've also been finding photos from school and looking at old pieces of journals that I started and didn't continue with consistently.  One set of photos have set me on a path of pure depression and I've been trying NOT to fall down the Rabbit Hole.
Sadly... a friend from high school, unfriended me rather viscously.  He kept telling me what I did was wrong but I never knew WHAT that was.  At that time of my life I wasn't out and my mind went crazy.  First I kept asking WHAT I did... then I went to did I do something for him to know I was gay.  So half the day today... I've been reliving and having those thoughts again.
I came here to vent and see how any of you work through your own depression.  And yes, I'm gonna go take my pill but I was looking for anything else to help get my brain back on the proper set of tracks.

Any advice would be appreciated.


   Hi BubbaPat ,
                        I don't get on here much anymore , but felt like

    giving my opinion on this .

     A while back when I was going through my high school year books from the

      last century  :P ...    I found several very rude comments made by people

      I have friended on Facebook over the years . I really got pissed . Some of

     these comments were beyond just youthful humor , they were nasty.

     I promptly removed several " friends "  , not caring to explain why ,

     it does not take much when it comes to criticism, for me to be angry.

     I am currious if you found out what you did ?   

                                                                 be well , Carl



Hey Carl....

I've not UnFriended anyone yet on Facebook. I just don't talk to them anymore.

Now... I'm am a firm believer that we all can learn and make ourselves better.  I don't know what those people wrote yet I would probably give them a chance to explain. 

Part of this reasoning is from an experience I had with a former coworker.  She had never really been mean to me but I never knew she didn't understand my "lifestyle".  She texted me and apologized form her rudeness  and non-understanding.

That's why no matter how hateful they were back in the day, I have hopes they can change.  It's up to you though.  I'm not gonna FORGET what they've done but I will make an effort to live it.

Keep me updated!!



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