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What's the best way to make HIV+ friends online?

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I'm 54 and have been HIV+ for 15 years, but I don't have any poz friends; I would like for that to change. Due to the Covid pandemic, I'm interested in learning about online options for meeting people I can talk with and get to know; any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I've seen it being very difficult,since there aren't many places where you can meet openly positive people.
I've wondered too if there was any place that you can find a community where there's hiv positive people. The only place so far are sub reddits that are for job positive people.

I too have no poz friends. I always long for a connection with others but it is so hard to find people who would want to be friends  especially with all of us wanting to have privacy and for our status to stay  covered.

I'm in the same boat.  I've found a few CHAT sites that have a gay section but I'm really tired of being accosted by teenagers wanting sex.
I come here to what people are up to but since it's posts to comments, it's difficult.
I did find a POZ group on Facebook but it doesn't seem all that "friendly".

If anyone is up for chat.. we can send messages here and then maybe exchange info for something like Google.  I know they still have Hangout type chat.

Bubba hugs!

Same situation here.

I have been Poz since 2018. No one knows really except my doctor. I did meet and chat with a few folks on here immediately after I was diagnosed mostly because they were diagnosed about the same time. We all needed an outlet, but those contacts moved on.

Hugs...know you are not alone.


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