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Poetry and HIV


Will I ever meet another?

Who knew that making a phone call
could shatter my existence
who knew that taking these tiny little steps
could create paralyzing doom
Leading me to relive
the most terrifying nightmare of my life
I certainly didn't know
Not knowing if these tears would one day stop flowing
I imagine myself walking up to the door
fear freezing my muscles
a doorway where my fears linger in the shadows
taking me to the small little room
with people like me
people who are scared
people that are feared
do they scream from inside their minds
in the prison they created
I breathe in slowly and exhale
releasing as much pain as possible
I try to hit the breaks
as my ego takes me to the
darkest corners of my mind
But I wont go
I will be brave
my cups are no longer half empty
I will do this I whisper to myself
even if my hands are shaking
I hold my head up
let the sunshine fall upon my face
and repeat silently to my darkened ego.
My destiny is mine and
I am doing this

Beautiful - straight from the heart ❤️. Onwards and upwards 👍🏻

This is beautiful!


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