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Considering Depression meds

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Jim Allen:

--- Quote ---There are always going to be side effects, and they vary from person to person.
--- End quote ---

I don't think this is true at all, the lack of context to this echos rather typical scaremongering (doubt planting) tactics I've commonly heard on this topic.

Yes, some people may (not all) have noticeable side effects and if the treatment is the cause and if its not manageable than they should speak to their doctor to see if switching or different dosing is a possibility.

Again its not life long and there are plenty of modern drugs available, not to forget that depression itself can also cause physical symptoms for people that are often misunderstood/mistaken for the meds. End of the day the meds are just a tool, so people need to work closely with their doctors and therapists.


I donít want to talk about meds because SSRI or SNRI drugs are so relative to each person that what works for you wonít work for others. The common ones to consider are cypralex and celexa. However, that being said, I have SAD. Living in Vancouver BC didnít help in the winter. What helped me between going to the gym in the winter and working, was getting a UV light. At night I would have it on beside me. My psychiatrist suggested it and it was more effective than medication. Get at least an hour or 2 of the light per day. If you work an office job get one for your desk as well.

Also get outside when itís sunny. Even if itís cold.

Hope that helps.

Thanks all for the fantastic replies and support! 

So I seen a social worker who reports my comments and issues to the psychiatrist/psychologist (bear with me I'm having memory issues currently) and I've requested to see a therapist.  I was thinking of talking to the therapist first then discussing meds but the social worker had me do a questionnaire and I am a point shy of extreme depression, so she forwarded the info to the correct person and today I was called about my prescription.  "venlafaxine (EFFEXOR) 37.5 MG tablet" once daily for a week then twice daily.  So I'm posting here before I begin anything.  I like the idea of the UV light and I kick myself for not picking one up a few years ago at Costco when I seen it, hah.  I'm currently browsing for UV lighting. 

Anyways I'm looking for a little more feedback before I start taking anything..

Hope all is well


I'm taking Luvox (50 mg) and Valdoxan (25 mg) to help me sleep and to restore my cognitive functioning as a HIVpositive person.



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