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Found out I'm pregnant yesterday


Hello everyone,

I'm 38 and HIV+ since 2014 and undetectable past 3 years on Genyova. I just found out that I'm pregnant yesterday, still sort of in shock/surprised as it was unplanned. After long stressful discussions last 24 hours, the father concluded that he doesn't want the kid. At this point, I don't know how much he will be involved, so looks like I'm going all in alone. This will be my first child. Though unexpected, I feel so happy and so worried at the same time. After my diagnosis, I thought I would never have a baby. Now that all this happened because of a condom accident (and even taking the emergency contraceptive after) I feel it's meant to be. I have my appointment with my ID specialist in two days. I am sure she will reassure me too, but I'd like to know other ladies' experiences as well. Am I going to give birth to a healthy baby?

You are definitely going to give birth to a healthy baby! Forget your poz status, thatís fine if managed. Your age may increase risks but not by much. You can do this!! X

I was positive for almost two years when I became pregnant with my daughter. I was actually taking a cocktail as they called my pill combination at the time. Although I don't recall the other pill, I was taking one pill called Crixivan. I think that's the correct spelling of Crixivan.
Well I went to many appointments, I was on a study, I took my pills, and had regular blood draws.
Most important I took care of myself. I also gained like forty pounds. I remember I loved Taco Bell when I was pregnant.
While anyways I had my daughter in 1998. I was diagnosed in 1995.
In my opinion todays care for HIV+ people has improved since 1995 or 1998.
Congrads on your pregnancy!

You will give birth to a healthly, negative baby! Donít even think about it ;) I found out about the virus during pregnancy  and started Treatment right away. My daughter is healthly and beautiful. Congrats on your pregnancy. It looks like itís meant to be.

Just checking in to see if you had the baby yet?

I have had 4 kids, 2 pregnancies, 1 natural, 1 c-section and all my kids are negative.

Take your meds, drink lots of water and get lots of rest, you both will be fine. 

Hope all is well!


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