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AMG 2018!!!

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I think it would be grand to have another AMG!
I would ask that it be at any time other than the first full week of August. I am already obligated for that week.

To further get the ball rolling, here are my three suggestions about where to hold it:

1.) New Orleans, Louisiana

2.) Portland, Maine

3.) Santa Fe/Albuquerque, New Mexico



Hey Mark and all mydear friends here.  Hope all is as well as possible in this crazy world.  I'm not sure about travel this year, but I've always wanted to vlsit New Mexico so it's possible.  Portland, ME could be or Philadelphia, it's easy enough for me.

Jody ♡♤♧♢

I would LOVE Portland, ME! I'll post later with my other nominations, if I even have any, but it's really late and I've been up for quite awhile doing work.

i have always wanted to attend one of these, let us know the venue and location before hand so we can arrange the international movement. :)



Okay, so Portland, ME has been suggested. I'd like to throw in two other suggestions:

Providence, RI


Baltimore, MD

If either of these have already been AMG host cities, please let me know so I can pick another suggestion.

Of note, if Portland, ME is chosen, I could probably HELP arrange things, as I'm not terribly far away and I know some stuff about Maine. Not saying I could do it myself, but I'd be willing to help out. Oh, and if anyone was curious, there is an Amtrak train that runs directly from Boston to Portland (stopping a few places in between obviously). That could be handy for people flying in, because it's usually cheaper to fly into a bigger airport.


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