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AMG 2018!!!

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Hi Mike,

I had put out a request to The Alise Boston (formerly Chandler Inn) to see the rates they can offer. 

As I am not from Boston I am basing everything on what others tell me, online reviews and even what the sales people tell me about the distance from the T and other destinations.  In addition, as you get closer to the city center the cost of the hotel rooms get exponentially higher so trying to balance price and distance. 

I'll keep everyone updated as I get new details. 


Hi All,

I am thinking until I get more interest in an AMG event I will put off booking a hotel.  Most require a minimum booking and I don't have enough money to pay the remaining balance. 

If more people show interest I will look at hotels again. 



--- Quote from: odyssey on January 02, 2018, 11:24:25 am ---Well, seeing as we are now officially into 2018 (I believe on all points of the globe), I thought I might start a thread for ideas, comments, posts, etc. about a [potential] 2018 AMG.

I know that personally, I have not had a chance to see, I think, any of you in person since Seattle, and would love the chance to get together in person once again!

So.... let the posting begin!


--- End quote ---

Was this ever decided ? I have never attended but would like to should the opportunity arise.

Hi Joseph,

I hope your day is going well.

We had a few people respond about a time and location but there wasn't enough interest to book a hotel. 

It would still be fun to have a gathering but would probably be more informal if we had one now.

If we had more respond wanting to do something I could always look into hotels again.



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