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Change in menstral flow


For sometime now my menstral flow has really changed from normal 5days to 3days, when i asked my doctor about it, he said its normal. I seem not to really get it and a bit worried about it too. Dont know if anyone has such change too.

Hello angel,
My menstrual also changed and some months I just have it for two days. I used to bleed alot before starting treatment but now it's very little and am happy with that. Personally,  I don't think it's a big issue

Thanks dear i feel a bit relieved hearing someone also has such experience, though was thinking its abnormal. Thanks so much for sharing with me.

Im 2 years in (almost)  i haven't noticed any change. just adding to the thread :)

I've experienced change in my menstrual patterns. It used to be 7 to 8 days long. Now it appears as spotting. Stops. Then begins two days later. Which it lasts only 3 days.
I'm completely happy with the change. Compared to 7 or 8 days this 3 day menstrual is nice.
I've been positive since '95. But I am also 42 so it could be the beginning of menopause.
Either way I am fine with it.
Then again this change in my menstrual only began in 2019. So I'm thinking my age has more to do with it than treatment.


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