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   Hello everyone  :)

     I am wondering if there could be a gathering this year ?

     I've had so much fun over the years at the gatherings .

                                                    LOVE to all , Carl

Sure Carl, lets give it a could start by suggesting three cities...This always comes up but only the first three weeks in September are out for me.


Well, let's see.  Don't know anything about what makes a good forum gathering city, etc.  But what the heck:
* Palm Springs (I figure it's a good place to talk about getting older with HIV.)

* Orlando (Disney World anyone?)

* DC (It's a fun town)

* Chicago (it's centrally located)
* Dallas (Ditto, but further south)
* Portland, Or
* Seattle
If the request is really limited to 3, then just the first 3.
There's also a Poz cruise once a year -- do any of the forum members go on that?

5 of us will be in Palm Springs from the 2nd of August to the 10th, and most of you know us ...just saying  ;) ;D


Chicago would be awesome, I'm from there. However I'll be there next month so not much time to plan a gathering in a month haha


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