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AMG 2016...Time to pick a town, venue and date

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Philadelphia    sounds  great   and Albuquerque, NM  is  a great place as well ...  so  Philly  #1  choice   Alq  #2 


--- Quote ---Anyway, I do believe most folks who attend AMG cannot afford Europe but certainly if is open to suggestion and thanks for your votes.

--- End quote ---
as we have mentioned in years past, Lakis, you're also welcome to arrange/hold a local AMG. These AMG events are simply member-driven and arranged trips without any corporate sponsorship, so all it takes is leadership and member interest to put together a "local" AMG. The voting in 2009 arranged the "official" AMG in London; but since many PLWH in America cannot afford an overseas trip (HIV and poverty often go hand-in-hand for many people in the States), an "unofficial" AMG was also held in Las Vegas that year.


--- Quote from: leatherman on February 12, 2016, 08:40:29 pm ---Cleveland OH
Charlotte NC
Atlanta GA

I haven't seen you guys since Seattle (2011) :( I know I keep promising Wolfie every year that I'll go and then don't. I'll make (and probably break) that promise again this year. LOL BUt I haven't even been back to OH since I left there in '09 :( , so don't be mad at me. Instead vote for Cleveland - that way I can see Wolfie and hang out with the gang again. Afterwards I could hit up all my old homies in Canton before heading back to home in the Carolinas.

--- End quote ---

Philly could still work.  You could arrive in columbus early and we could drive to northern ohio then over to philly.  It's less than a 6 hour drive if I remember correctly.

Let's do Philadelphia... I am closer to it than to NM! Not early August, I am already busy until the 15th.. But... majority rules!  :) :)

A few of us had considered Philly for September, maybe just a long weekend, nothing too formal.  August won't work for me, after Labor day does or June-July.  So if that works maybe we can start to prepare.  If it isn't meant to be this year than so be it, maybe next year.  Hugs.

Jody :)


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