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AMG 2016...Time to pick a town, venue and date

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Some folks, especially with families and work schedules need to start thinking about a venue and time for AMG 2016.

Minimom already got us started with Philadelphia, presumably over July-August.

That would work for me as well but I shall get the ball rolling by nominating my first three choices.

Philadelphia, PA.

Albuquerque, NM

Austin, TX

July or August work for me and the time is flexible for me.


Being a newbie i dont know what AMG is or what it entails -can you explain? 

I'm close to Philly so that would be great LOL....if i knew what I was going to!!  LOL   :)

Cleveland OH
Charlotte NC
Atlanta GA

I haven't seen you guys since Seattle (2011) :( I know I keep promising Wolfie every year that I'll go and then don't. I'll make (and probably break) that promise again this year. LOL BUt I haven't even been back to OH since I left there in '09 :( , so don't be mad at me. Instead vote for Cleveland - that way I can see Wolfie and hang out with the gang again. Afterwards I could hit up all my old homies in Canton before heading back to home in the Carolinas.

3 official votes for Philly (mum, Mini, and hubby) July / August are HOT and I don't do heat. Would love to do it in the fall, but our oldest leaves for Basic Training in June and graduates from AIT in mid-September. Our pick is close to the end of August / beginning of September. Prices would be cheaper after Labor Day.

2nd and 3rd choices: Hubby: New York or New Orleans
                                    : Mini: Disney World or our house or Jan's house
                                    : Mum: anywhere but New Orleans

Note to Lakis...I am sorry that I bypassed your choices in the other thread as we will try to stick with this formal thread.  Lakis has chosen:

Heidelberg, Germany
Athens, Greece
Krakow, Poland

Lakis, I would love to go to those places and I may be in Europe in May if all works out but the only AMG in Europe was London 2010 and I was the only American who was able to make it.  Cliff is a former American who lives in London now.  Anyway, I do believe most folks who attend AMG cannot afford Europe but certainly if is open to suggestion and thanks for your votes.



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