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AMG 2016


When does the discussion for AMG typically get started?  I know folks need to get in vacation approvals before too long.

Our vote has been, and will remain, Philly.


Hey mum...happy and healthy new year to your great you know we usually vote on three cities or it happens this year my mom is in a nursing home at a big out of pocket for me Philly is perfect.  I can take a bus or will no doubt be sad and strange without David but maybe he will smile down on unless there are other ideas I vote Philadelphia for AMG '16 and hope to see old and new friends in the city of brotherly love.

Jody :)

I am sorry I haven't been able to attend an AMG yet, and even more sorry I missed last year's event. I don't know if I will be able to attend this year either as my schedule gets hectic at that time of year.  All of that said, I have always wanted to see Philly from a tourists perspective, will try to make it this year, and think it would be a fitting, albeit emotional, choice.

Why not Europe this time ???

1. Heidelberg (Germany)- beautiful old city, with great Aids Hilfe Organisation

2. Athens (Greece)-needs no recommendations....

5.Krakow - ( Cracov Poland - One of thet most beautiful and tourists Friendly European Citys )


Jodie, happy new year to you, too. Crazy weather and constant circulating head colds have been the order of the day for us.  So sorry to hear about your mom. We're yuou able to keep her close to you?

I was in no way trying to bypass the usual voting system. I just know that getting everything started can be a bit of a challenge. Hubby and I love Philly. If it is the venue of choice for the group, we would be more than happy to do the legwork. Not that we wouldn't help in any way possible whatever the venue, we just know Philly and feel comfortable navigating the waters.


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