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I just want to meet someone that I can talk you and that lives near me.

Hi Newbie92,
I guess I'm a newbie too, I'm under 30, i'm 24! and I feel the same way! I just joined this site and your thread caught my attention. I was born positive, that's another thing I don't see much, everyone else seems to be newly diagnosed. where do you live?

Hey newbie 🙂 I am 28! I definitely understand the feeling of being really young and having to live with this. Here to talk 🥰

Jim Allen:

Hiya and welcome to the forum.

As a new member, can you please open an introduction thread in the "Living with HIV" or in the "I Just tested positive" section and introduce yourself to the forum members. Thanks.

Let us know how are you doing, how the treatment is going etc. It's standard for new members. :)


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