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Glad everyone seems to have made it home safe and sound.  I had a great time in Memphis and it seems we all did.  We always have a terrific group of people and this was no exception.  No attitude, there rarely is and everyone got along particularly well.

Memphis had much to offer.  First off thanks Gary for your great talk at our memorial, you always give us all so much to consider year round.

The first full day many of us went to the National Civil Rights museum which was so well done and educated us even further regarding the awful period of slavery beginning in the early 1600's in this nation and in the western world.  We also toured the Lorraine motel and saw the spot from which Martin Luther King was assassinated. 

The next day many of us took a nice boat ride down the enchanting Mississippi and learned of the history of the mighty river that divides the United States and the huge role the city of Memphis played in it.  A nice breeze in a warm town felt good as well.

A trip to the Pyramid brought lots of laughs and going up to the top, Memphis' equivalent of the Windows on the world was nice as well.

Finally five of us drove (thanks Henry) out to Graceland.  I grew up with Elvis' songs and movies and it brought back memories indeed.  Well worthwhile.

Beale st., its music, electricity and food was lots of fun as well.  I don't eat a lot of ribs year round but Memphis does them good and the brisket and all foods were tasty, finger lickin' good you might say.

Someone asked if I would go back and I would but coming up on age 60 one never knows where the journey of life will take you.  We have enjoyed and fallen in love with every city we have been to but as of yet have not returned.  I think that has much more to do with the number of great towns and other choices still on the board that we have not seen yet.

So it is true that I and others may never pass that way again but no matter, a great time was had by all it is safe to say.

So long Memphis, Tenn. and thanks again to each and everyone who attended for making this a great trip once again.  No disappointments here.

Hugs, and next year in Jerusalem as the saying goes.  Well, not quite there for us but somewhere.  Stay safe, healthy and happy and may all good things come your way good folks.

Hugs and love,

Jody :) :) :)


     I had a wonderful time in Memphis , my first AMG that I have not been

      drunk half the time  :o

       Meeting Mini was wondeful , she reminds  me of myself when I was that age .
       I also met several new friends and a few I've know from the forums for years , all super nice .

       You all feel like family  to me  :)     I had a nice ride home , slight detour , a bridge was missing 10 miles from Poplar Bluff !    The nice lady at the gas station told me about a " secret " way around  :. Made it home in 3-1/2 hours  :)

      GOD bless you all ,   The joy lasts all year , till we meet again .

                                             Love to all , Carl

I arrived home last night, tired, but very happy to have enjoyed these days with this special family of ours.

Mini has blossomed. It was great to see her again.

Betty, it was wonderful to get to meet you and to spend time with you.

BIG HUGS to everyone.


yup  made it  home  as well  great  folks as usual   always amazed  at  how  quickly  young ones  grow.....Miriam is a full  grown  and talented...  great  food  fun  touristing  and even the  pool  was  good time..
unusual  this year  flights  were all  easy  and  early   got there  early  got  home  early as well.... Bette  was a real and game  to  try  things...pleasure to actually meet

start  thinking about  next  year...need to get Dallas on the  list  this time


Mini has indeed grown into a lovely young lady.  Her upbringing by her great parents is I am sure a major part of that.  And Mini is a talented young artist, her drawing on the paper cloth at the restaurant on Beale st. was very good.

It was great to meet Mark from Connecticut for the first time, he is a kind and gentle soul.

We also met Betty for the first time and she has a tough time walking a getting around but never complains and is a real trooper and a great lady.

I hope everyone has great memories of AMG '15 and may all have a great year ahead.  Hope to see even more folks next year, some old faces who could not attend and maybe a new face or two.

Jody :)


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