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Made it home

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Hubby,Wee One, and I made it home about 9pm. Had to stop and pick up meds, milk, and ketchup - staples of life :-).

 Despite the scorching heat, we had such a wonderful time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Special thanks goes out to all those who simply loved all over Mini - you know who you are.

Safe travels for those still making the trek home. Drop a line here and let us know you made it. Looking forward to AMG 2016 in Philly (hint, hint)  ;)

There is about ten of us left and leaving tomorrow.  We sure enjoyed seeing all three of you again and I so appreciate your organizing our "meet and greet" steamboat cruise.  Thanks again for being such a special part of our annual gathering.


Glad you made it home safe!  Mini is a sweet girl . I wished I could have spent more time with y'all  maybe next time.. it was a pleasure meeting y'all!

I arrived home about an hour ago.  Thanks to all for another uplifting and enjoyable gathering.  The weather was hot and humid but the crowd more than made up for the uncomfortable weather.  It is always bittersweet to say "goodbye" as I did with the remaining group last night....but I know we will meet again.  Next year...somewhere (hopefully a bit cooler....)


It was so great seeing you all again and to see what a beautiful young lady Mini has grown into.

As always these gathering end all too soon.

To all you wonderful guys, I miss you all and I had a wonderful time chatting and catching up.

Betty it was such a pleasure spending time with you, especially our night at the Irish Bar...what a fun night that was.... ;D

Aroha to you all


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