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AMG Memorial Service


We will have our annual AMG Memorial Service on Saturday morning at 11 am Central Daylight Time in the Delta Room on the 14th floor of our host hotel, Holiday Inn Downtown Memphis on Union Street.

Since the great majority of you cannot join in person, I invite you to join in spirit during that hour.  We will read aloud the names of all our beloved faithful departed that have been gathered from this forum that past few months.  We will share some tears and I hope some laughter as we navigate the great mystery of life and death.

I will be sharing, as it has been my privilege for many years, my reflection on this great life mystery that touches each of us.  I hope to have some healing thoughts about how our visceral grief very slowly transforms into sacred memory.  Our capacity to remember is what is uniquely a human capacity. 

Tomorrow, we remember.  Please join us in person or in spirit.


P.S.  This is our "serious" time in Memphis.  I promise we are spending the rest of it having fun, making friends, and experiencing the joy of living.  Later, pics will surely follow as well as our hope that others will join us next year wherever we wind up.


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