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Dont forget to get refills before AMG

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Jeff G:
Just wanted to remind everyone that AMG starts on the first of the month and many people get meds refilled at that time, myself included.

I just called my pharmacy and they would have been out of my meds if I had waited for the last minute so heads up folks ... Get your meds in order early !

What is AMG?

Joe K:

--- Quote from: xunil on July 21, 2015, 01:34:53 pm ---What is AMG?

--- End quote ---

AMG is the AIDS Meds Gathering, that happens each year in a city chosen by forum members.  This year it is in Memphis and you can read all about it in the Forums Gatherings Forum.


Jeff G:
Betty asked me to check with the hotel to see if there is a refrigerator in the rooms, she has meds that need to be refrigerated. I checked and they do not have them in the rooms so if anyone has meds that need to be cooled bring a small cooler as I am sure you can get ice for it at the hotel.

Curtis taught me a simple trick at one AMG and that is to buy a Styrofoam cooler for your room, then just leave it when you do. Good for meds, beer, wine, sodas, water bottles, gourmet cheese, take home leftovers etc....We must scope out the local drug, convenience and liquor stores...Styrofoam coolers are about $5.


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