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Me Love You Long Time


Hey, kids.

Looking to go to Memphis, and putting out feelers to see if anybody wants to divvy up a room for any of the time.  Friday and Saturday, for sure.  Possibly Thursday as well. 

Hey Tim,

I have Zach staying with me on Fri and Sat, but I can offer up Thurs night if you need it.

Looking forward to seeing you again.


thanks, Mike!  as i said, friday and Sat are my definite nights, but if i can swing thrs with work and such, i may take you up on that

i'd share a bed with tim

If you get stuck and we have two beds  (a double and a single) in our room then Jen and I won't mind sharing the double if you need the single bed.

I'm sure one of the other guys will come up with something better, but if not then you know where to knock. ;)

Jan :-*


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