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Grants Committee:
The grants committee has received our first contribution of 100 dollars toward helping some good folks who might not otherwise had the opportunity to attend AMG '15 in Memphis get to go.

Thanks to the contributor and please good people remember no contribution is too small (or too large ;))...Please PM the grants committee for information on how to  contribute...either sending a check by mail the old fashioned way or pay pal, etc.

Grants committee 2015. :)

Whoever gave the first contribution to our Grants committee, thank you.

Now that it's off and running please see what you can do to make some of our members happy by helping them get to the AMG this year, even if we can just help one person it would be wonderful, I know from experience that we have some great guys here who are always willing to help out when needed.


Grants Committee:
The contributions to the grants committee to support AMG 2015 are now up to 160 dollars.  Still almost 4 months to contribute if you are able, no amount is too small (or too large) ;)

Thanks once again.

Grants committee '15 :)

Grants Committee:
The grants committee has received another 100 dollars bringing the total to 260 dollars thus far.  Thanks all for your kindness, may you always be blessed.  Keep the monies coming in, they have always assisted those who may not have otherwise been able to attend what is a life changing experience for many, and just a whole lot of fun.

Grants committee 2015. :)

Grants Committee:
Hey good folks.  With AMG '15 a little over a month away, it is coming up! 

A few good folks have requested a little help and so far we are a bit behind where we would like to be, quite frankly maybe more than a little.

We know some people help individuals on their own and that is great. But if anyone wants to still chip in, remember no contribution is ever too small (or too large :P).  You can send a check or use pay pal - just let us know.  The people who would like to go to Memphis need to make plans real soon so no need to dilly dally you know.

Hugs to all.

Grants committee '15


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