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Protected anal sex with coconut oil used as lube


I recently had anal sex with a transexual. I used a Durex extra safe condom but she didn't have any water-based lube so used coconut oil. I kept pulling out to check the condom as I was really paranoid but couldn't see any breakage.

I did see that there was a lot of blood on the condom but don't think there were any tears, however it was in the dark so couldn't inspect it thoroughly. I have started reading up about micro tears in the condom and my anxiety levels are going pretty crazy right now. Is breakage something you would know about (even in the dark)?

Does this sound like any risk? The act took place within 72 hours so was wondering if PEP would be recommended or am I overreacting?


Jim Allen:
HIV can't transmit through an intact latex or polyurethane condom. Unless a condom obviously fails during intercourse, and it would be obvious even in the dark, there is no reason to be stressing or testing for HIV outside of the standard yearly routine.

Micro tears is mostly just an issue for the paranoid and isn't an HIV concern, please don't mention this again here.

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This increases the odds that the condom could break during intercourse, as it didn't, I see no reason to stress but next time only use a condom-safe lubricate like KY jelly

Here's what you need to know to reduce your HIV risks:
Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse correctly and consistently, with no exceptions. Consider talking to your healthcare provider about PrEP as an additional layer of protection against HIV

Keep in mind that some sexual practices described as safe in terms of acquiring HIV still pose a risk for other easier acquired STIs. So please do get tested at least yearly for STIs, including but not limited to HIV, and more frequently if condomless intercourse occurs.

Also, note that it is possible to have an STI and show no signs or symptoms, and the only way of knowing is by testing.

Kind regards


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Thanks Jim, really appreciate your quick reply! I will move on and stop stressing.

Jim Allen:
You're welcome.


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