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48 million viral load during acute hiv with fever and moderate flu like illness

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Jim Allen:
Dormant CMV...

Look in some regions of the world like the US, half the adult population has it. Stop stressing about nothing and things that aren't currently an issue and might never be.  ;)

--- Quote ---But I read on aidsmap that VIRAL SET POINT BIGGER TO 10000 , MEANS 8 YEARS SHORTER LIFESPAN
--- End quote ---

Sure it's one study and within that group of high viral load, it's often late diagnosis (AIDS) and people with multiple of other conditions, OI's and co-mobilities like drug usage and alcohol abuse etc.

Also, with these studies it's often just averages taken from the past years, lots have changed including the treatment compared to past groups, it's also not an individual forecast, although, 8 years less I'll take it.  :)

The average lifespan here has passed 83 years for a man, take 8 away it's still better than dying right now! :D Btw, going forward always include links to studies etc, thanks.

--- Quote ---How long can I leave with these medications?
--- End quote ---

Decades, and it's not even needed. HIV medication keeps improving so it's not like you will need or have to take your current meds for that long. Also, you will get regular checks to make sure things are fine including kidney function etc.

Look, I've put plenty of easy to digest references and information in the "Just tested positive" welcome thread, I also added things about starting treatment early and life expectancy etc. It' might be useful to have a look

However, don't get focused on these topics.

I got an AIDS diagnosis in mid-March. I am pulling for you, buddy! Take your ARV med(s), get on an antibiotic for sure for now since your CD4 count is under 200, and go see your doctor as ordered. Good luck!


       ojo.         Who remembers the dx FULL BLOWN AIDS?. And now, •acute hiv infection”, …@OP, you are going to be fine, there are a lot of members on here who have gone through the same. The formula to get a successful treatment is, DISCIPLINE taking your med/s and a positive ATTITUDE…good luck and please keep us posted, we are here for you…ah!, stay away from doctor google and take care of yourself until you get better number of soldiers


--- Quote from: Jim Allen on July 10, 2021, 07:50:46 am ---
However, don't get focused on these topics.

--- End quote ---

It's not that easy Jim. Thanks for your kind support. It's good for me now.

I am one month and ten days on arvs.
I start feeling I diggest illness, but really, sometimes I search all the time this in Google.

Why? Because I have this kidney problem. Next week I have ultrasonic and some specific tests for kidney.

I feel happy that I don't need to take TDF tenofovir , but even emtricitabine which is in Descovy is a non-issue for Kidneys.

Many mornings, I wake up because bslight pains in kidney that's why I have all rest day stressed and some sadness.

Can I hope for safer a bit meds for hiv in future? Ok, I stop thinking about cure.
But some safer meds for kidney???
Is any doctor here knowing something related ??

Jim yes, next times I will post links and pics.
I formatted my phone so I will find only pic in screenshot in Google photos. I mean this about life expectancy Bye guys

Jim Allen:

The Descovy combination pill contains tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) and emtricitabine, it's considered kinder on the kidneys than its predecessor (TDF).

However, it's not a conclusion that kidney function will be an issue as a result of TDF or TAF for everyone taking the meds. That's simply not the case, although it can be, thankfully this is included in monitoring so they can switch or change your meds should there be any concerns. 

There are also living donor HIV-​to-HIV kidney transplants nowadays and the people living with HIV with only one kidney go on taking their meds and living their lives.

Look talk to your doctor about your kidney concerns and the TAF,  see what they say and what the latest measurements are.  A good idea is to write some of the questions down on paper, so next time you see your HIV doctor you don't forget to ask or express a concern that you have.

--- Quote ---Many mornings, I wake up because bslight pains in kidney
--- End quote ---

So I don't know if the pain is a new issue or a change for you but talk to your doctor sooner if you are in discomfort.

Best, Jim


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