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you know what else I forgot to bitch about? The wait. We sat in the waiting room longer than ever. We sat in the exam room longer than ever. (We, Larry and I, "share" two appointments and see the doctor together. No hiding any health issues when your spouse is in the same room as you. LOL) After a total wait of and hour and 15 mins, we had been discussing just leaving and were starting to stand right as the doctor knocked and entered the room.  ::) But we did get all our shots and labs done, even though we had to fight back through 5 o'clock traffic in the "big city". (LOL After Cleveland and Charlotte, I must say living in a city >10k is a lot quieter and the traffic is a LOT easier and that's why we don't live in CLT now.)

Don't get me wrong. Even though this wasn't our regular doctor (who actually isn't an MD but an HIV Specialist), this was one of the clinic's MD's and he's a good guy and good doctor. It's just that we really don't have many health issues, so we rarely see the Physicians in the clinic but just our guy (whose acronyms are MHS, PA-C, AAHIVS, DFAAPA instead of MD. LOL)

ok, now covid shots. This was our 4th booster. Just like the previous 2 shots, we didn't have any side-effects - until the sore arms the next day. I took 8 extra strength tylenol throughout the day and that really helped. Unfortunately about 24 hrs after the booster, I felt "weird". Sort of like I did before I get hit by all the vertigo and barfing a few weeks ago. But I took it easy and feel fine now.

It's sooo hard for me to "take it easy" most days  8) :D but now with the new pupper  :-* (3 mos. old now.) and sooooo many acorns and leaves I need to get raked up out back  :o , it just killed me to sit around all day yesterday. So I'm better today, no lab results in yet, and about to go hit the gym (and the tanning booth!) before tackling all that yard work.

Don't rush it if you're not feeling well yet (that's partially why I was sick a couple seats ago. Not realizing my own limitations) but hopefully you'll perk up soon!!

Vampires yesterday (19th).
CD4 379 17.9%
VL < 20
CBC/Metabolic looked good
The only “meh” was an LDL of 116. I guess Ben & Jerry has to go  :'(

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: LeftyBowler300 on December 20, 2022, 11:05:32 pm ---Vampires yesterday (19th).
CD4 379 17.9%
VL < 20
CBC/Metabolic looked good
The only “meh” was an LDL of 116. I guess Ben & Jerry has to go  :'(

--- End quote ---


Had my latest Vampires appointment today. It's every 4 months these days.

I live less than 20 minutes from the clinic so I always make a bit of an occasion out of a visit so had a lovely breakfast of sausages, bacon, eggs etc & cappuccino in a cafe near by before heading in for my 11.45 am appointment. For some reason the waiting room was not so busy today, so I hardly had to wait 15 minutes before ID doctor called me in.

All good thankfully, VL is undetectable. CD4 around 360 where it seems to hover these days. Cholesterol is ok.

More good news in that they ran a prostrate blood test on me and the result came back as 1 which is well within the normal range.

These days I do not even hone on the the exact figures for my usual blood tests, once I hear UD, I am happy and understand that all I can do anyway is take my pills daily, & aim to stay healthy as I can. 

Gave my bloods, a new blood tech who forgot to get one of the samples off me so I had to be jabbed twice. Had a bit of fun banter & chit chat with the usual nurses who are there years.

Got my meds from clinic pharmacy, off home. It was quite an uneventful routine clinic visit which is a very good thing!  :)

Back in mid-May for my next appointment.

Sorry you had to get stabbed twice; but your numbers are good, you feel good, and the next appointment isn't for months. ;)

--- Quote from: Loa111 on January 18, 2023, 11:46:18 am --- from the clinic so I always make a bit of an occasion out of a visit

--- End quote ---
back in 93, when the AIDS was killing me and the meds sucked, I started the practice of treating myself after every doctor/lab visit. Back in those days, my treat was always a bag of candy (I LOVE candy and go through phases of what I like the best at any given time) and a computer magazine. OMG! I just realized that I'm talking about a time when people barely even knew there was an internet. (All Hail AOL and their floppy discs!).

These days, I'm old enough and aren't so poor that I buy candy when I want it (all the time) and I haven't touched a computer magazine in years. (do they even still print magazines?) My big treat to myself now is simply to not have to cook dinner that night, since it's about 45 miles to our doctors office and we have to drive home during afternoon rush hour traffic in CLT. So we either go out for Mexican and Margaritas or we go by a drive-in restaurant in my old neighborhood for their delicious fried fish and the BEST tartar sauce in the world.

In the early days, the treat after the doctor visit was the incentive to even care about my treatment and health (those was bad, bad days). These days, the treat is a great reminder that I'm alive and life is good!


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