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explaining receiving disability benefits w/o disclosing/taxes

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum so if I am posting this question in the wrong area, I apologize.  I actually have 2 questions.
 I worked up until 02 when my company closed.  I have been taking meds since 94 and got an aids diagnosis in 02. I have been receiving SSDI since 03. I had the twins +1 in 03( I am not saying the t word for internet search reasons) and they were all put on social security due to prematurity which stopped a while ago.  Now that I get SSDI, I get a check in my name and then one in my name in each of my kids names.  Am I supposed to file taxes? 
My second question is:  How do you tell friends/family that receive disability?  My mother is the only one that I have told of my situation.  When my threesome was born I just said that I was getting social security for them but everyone knows that doesn't last long.  I don't really care about people of the street, it is the people that are close to me.  I think my father thinks I am doing something illegal.  I suck at lying.  What does everyone else say to thier friends and family?

Miss Philicia:
1) You should be getting a Notice 703 from the IRS as regards your 2007 benefits/income.  On the reverse of this notice is a worksheet to ascertain what, if anything, is taxable. 

2) Well, there's no easy answer for the second portion of your question.  It's very individual.  I know on a personal level that going on disability eventually forced me to disclose my medical condition to my entire family, which in the end was a good thing because I'd *cough* procrastinated doing so for an entire decade, which really wasn't helpful to my overall mental health, or probably my physical health.

Are you implying that you want to tell them that you're on disability but not why, as in not disclose your HIV situation?

Otherwise, I'd highly advise discussing tax issues/questions with someone knowledgeable at a local AIDS service organization.  Do you already have a case manager for such things?  I see you live in western MA so I'd think the services in this state would be decent.

Thank you, Philly.
I was trying to avoid telling the truth about my disability.  I know in my heart someday I will have to tell but I can't even come to close to thinking about that now at this point in my life.  I guess I will figure something out :)

I called and left a message at my local ASO and I haven't heard anything back yet.
Thanks for the reply!

Dan J.:
I thought SSDI benefits were non taxable, but that you still had to file a tax return for the amount you recieved. & if you worked any the past year you are eligible for earned income credit. Since I have drawn SSDI I have never asked for or filled out a 703 notice . I usually have the local IRS office fill out my return using form 1040.

Talk to your aso or local irs office.


Miss Philicia:
Well honey, I'm sitting here right now staring at my 703 Notice (also called a Form SSA-1099) and it came in the mail on Tuesday.  I've received one every year for the past five years.  I do the worksheet, and it always shows I owe nothing, so I file no tax return.  My father specifically checked all of this out with his personal CPA to make sure I did it right the first year, after that I was on my own.

It clearly states: "Part of your social security benefits shown in box 5 may be taxable income; see the reverse for more information."

Note:  SSI benefits are not included on this statement.

Anytime I've had to do ANY intake with an ASO I've also had provide a copy of this document.


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