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Hello my dears,

I am considering starting taking Nucleomaxx due to Lipo and would like to know if any of you sweethearts have any bad or good things to say about Nucleomaxx. As it is for me a pretty costly supplement to my diet at a months supply for 86Euro per month, I would be most pleased to have some first hand feed back before I start taking it.

Starting first of July I will have a new Combi therapy, extracting the AZT from Trizi and substituting it for a less harsh component. In addition to that I will begin to take Nucleomaxx and start Decadurabolin in combination with Testosterone. If anyone has any question as to how this self-built therapy ( I might add my doc is very sceptical but he is willing to give me a PX for anything as long as I shut my mouth and promise to leave him and his office in peace.) against Lipo helps or doesn't please ask. I hope to be able to post the first positive results in three months. I will also start a photo archive of my legs so that any changes won't be only subjective but rather objective. In addition I will continue going to the gym three to four times a week giving extra attention to all leg muscle groups.

Once again any of you who are using Nucleomaxx or have used it in the passed please let me know what kind of results you have seen.

Grüsse aus Berlin,

Hey Rion, check under Lipodystrophy section under same title. Good luck Peace!


Hi , I really want to increase volume for my legs , although I am a woman, I think that weight training is the only option. Is it worth trying and how long before I see some results ? I also want to try this uridine although I am now taking videx+viread+kaletra, I did took zerit 2-3 years ago so i wonder if uridine will help me ?


As far as uridine is concerned, you should take a look at the discussion of Nucleomaxx that you'll find here:

I found that it didn't produce any benefits, at least in the short term at the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.  I think if you're going to try this stuff, you had best be prepared to spend a good bit of money.

In my view, working out will do a lot more for your legs than Nucleomaxx.


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