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Biktarvy and supplements


After 5 years of Complera I took my first Biktarvy yesterday. I have been taking supplements for months now, Whey protein which contains the usual selection of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Including iron and magnesium. I didn't take any yesterday or today because of interactions. My understanding though is that as long as I either separate the meds from the supplements or take the meds with a full meal there should be no issue

Just wondering what others on Biktarvy do, or which approach is recommended.

Thanks, Dave

Hi there,

I personally take my biktarvy in the morning and my vitamin (iron and calcium free) supplement with dinner.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, I shall move the time I take Biktarvy from midday to the morning. Give myself some flexibility with supplements.

What multivitamin without iron can you recommend please?

I take nutriting nupower (I donít know if we are allowed to name brands on forums though).


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