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Bisexual men feel more HIV stigma, and more socially isolated.


Jim Allen:
Found it an interesting read about the concerns Bisexual men face and how it impacts their wellbeing.

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Bisexual men feel more HIV stigma, are lonelier and more socially isolated than gay men

Bisexual men living with HIV in Australia reported greater levels of self-stigma, worse self-image and poorer emotional wellbeing compared to gay men. They also reported less social support and fewer connections to the LGBTQ community and to other people living with HIV. These men expressed feelings of social isolation and highlighted fears of rejection associated with their HIV diagnoses.

These findings were published by Dr Jennifer Power and colleagues at La Trobe University and published in AIDS and Behavior recently.
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I'm pretty sure they'd find similar results in the US, and other countries.

Good article, thanks for sharing.


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