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Physical exercise while on dtg


Hello everyone , im planning on doing exercises consistently starting today, i think it will be helpful, wanted to to inquire about peoples experineces with doing exercises while on tdf|3tc|dtg and any advice you can give me to help me exercise better while on this medication.
Thank you.

Jim Allen:
Well, I'm not currently taking TDF, my combo does include 3TC & DTG.

I exercise as normal, so as per the plan with the GP & Consultant, no different to if I was not taking these meds. Small fib on my part as my plan includes swimming but that's not possible at the moment due to the COVID19 outbreak.

Any particular reason you are getting into the exercise? Any goals or thoughts on what you might like to do as routine exercise?

Best, Jim

No particular reason, want to live a healthier life and i feel lkke exercise could do that for me, started with jogging in the evenings and taking a walk in the morning.

Jim Allen:

Walking, cool. I've been building up over the past year and walking 10 km per day now (6.2 Miles). It might not sound like much but for me, it's a lot with my health and I have to say I'm feeling much fitter.

Anyhow, hope you do well with your exercise routine, take it easy.
Best Jim


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